Academics Digital + Media

Workspaces And Tools

Facilities and resources

  • 3D scanning facilities
  • installation room and studio with both DV Photo Light kits and various backdrops and green screen
  • robotics lab with drill press, tools, electronic components, soldering stations and test equipment
  • two dual-boot Mac Pro labs (16 stations) with the Adobe CS Suite, Max/MSP/Jitter, Maya, Final Cut Pro and Pro Tools
  • three HD /SD video editing booths with Mac Pros, BlackMagic and AJA Kona 3 HD cards, DV Decks, XRAID Storage and Genelec
  • ProTools HD 7 audio editing booth with Mackie Control Surface, Kurzweil 2600 Keyboard, Alesis SR-16 and Genelec 5.1
  • ten HD and SD Panasonic, Canon and Sony video cameras
  • Nikon Digital SLRs
  • audio monitors
  • haptic Omni Arms for 3D modeling
  • Marantz digital audio recorders and various stereo and mono microphones available for checkout and studio use
  • two OS X servers with 2.5TB XSAN for storage, web service and streaming content
  • ten HD and SD data projectors available for checkout
  • 48" wide-format inkjet printer with color calibration system