Emma Hogarth

Emma Hogarth is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Providence, RI. She holds an MFA in Digital + Media from RISD and a Bachelor of Visual Arts, first class honors, Painting from Sydney College of the Arts (SCA).

After graduating from SCA, Hogarth moved to New York City where her artistic path took a detour through an extended study of dance and performance. Drawing on a deeply interdisciplinary background, her practice engages performance, drawing, glass, video and installation work, often combining media or placing it in dialogue in the installation space. Recent projects involve processes of translation between “traditional” and “new” imaging technologies, investigating each media’s inherent relationship to documentation, time and memory.

Hogarth’s projects have been presented in the space of the gallery, the theater and the urban public arena locally and internationally.

Fall 2021

DRAW-1120-01 Drawing In Time
FOUND-1003-18 Studio: Design

Wintersession 2022

DRAW-W114-01 Independent Drawing Project

Spring 2022

FOUND-1004-04 Studio: Design
RISD faculty member Emma Hogarth