HPSS Concentration

In History, Philosophy and the Social Sciences faculty teach and conduct research in a broad range of humanities and social sciences fields. All courses in the department emphasize critical thinking and the development of writing and research skills. Such study lets you fully explore the department's course offerings while fulfilling Liberal Arts requirements in a way that is most meaningful to you. 

If you wish to complement your studio major with in-depth study in a field supported by the department's curriculum, you may elect an HPSS concentration. Open to all BFA candidates, you can complete it as part of a typical four- or five-year degree program.

Learning outcomes

Concentrators are able to:

  • approach issues critically, reflectively and with regard for cultural and historical context.
  • formulate informed, logically coherent arguments.
  • communicate orally in articulate, informed and persuasive ways.
  • write clear, accurate and grammatical prose.
  • explain the parameters and content of the core disciplines studied.
  • interpret current theories, methodologies and debates.
  • utilize standard research and bibliographic tools.
  • construct and defend arguments relating to the core disciplines.
  • identify and critique arguments within related scholarly literature.

Undergraduate concentration tracks

As an HPSS concentrator, you shape an individual course of study around one of the department’s nine established tracks, which build on faculty teaching and research strengths and represent a key intersection of one or more of the core disciplines in HPSS. In addition to the introductory HPSS course Topics in History, Philosophy and the Social Sciences (S101), each concentration track requires seven courses.

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