Workplaces and Tools

ID Woodshop

  • three SawStop 10" table saws
  • Scmi 12" table saw
  • Scmi 20" planer
  • Sac 12" Jointer
  • Selton 16" jointer
  • two Rockwell Delta 15" drill presses
  • two Seton CM 72 slot mortisers
  • Lobo Hollow Chisel slot mortiser
  • Tannewitz 36" band saw
  • two Powermatic 20" band saws
  • Delta 14" band saw
  • General 16" disc sander
  • Delta 12" disc sander
  • Volpato 60" belt/spindle
  • Makita flat grind wet grinder
  • Tormax hollow wet grinder
  • Dewalt compound radial arm saw
  • Osrud inverted router table Reimer Electra steamer
  • three Oneway 1640 lathes
  • Hegner-Polymax 3 scroll saw
  • Dawson Sand Blaster
  • assorted hand tools

ID Model Shop

The Industrial Design Model Shop serves the ID Department by handling the widest variety of materials, machinery, and processes of the three department shops. Materials include wood, metal, plastics, foam, clay, wax, and many types of casting materials such as plaster, resin, rubber, latex, and liquid plastic. Machinery includes:

  • wood and metal band saws
  • drill press
  • sanders
  • 10" table saw
  • 8" jointer
  • 13" plane
  • router table
  • milling machine
  • two metal lathes
  • two vacuum-forming machines (capacity up to 60" x 30")
  • hot-wire foam cutters
  • heat sealing equipment
  • jump shear
  • finger break
  • slip roller
  • grinding and sharpening equipment
  • plastic welding and bending
  • spray booth
  • plaster room with ventilated mixing counter and ceramics kiln

Locker and stock storage space and hazardous materials storage are available in the shops for students. The Graduate Shop Experience class and a Modelmaking class are taught in the shop. The shop has hours available for students each day during the school year, and a monitor is always on duty during shop time.

D Metal/Machine Shop

  • drill press
  • band saw
  • bridgeports

Metal Working

  • finger brakes
  • slip rolls
  • ring rollers
  • presses
  • Di-Acro bender
  • Duo-Mite bender
  • spot welders
  • stud welder (Sunbelt)
  • handtools
  • pliers, screwdrivers, drills etc.
  • surface plates
  • measuring equipment, calipers etc..
  • south bend lathes
  • horizontal band saw
  • surface grinder

Laptop Computer Requirement

All students in the Industrial Design department are required to purchase a laptop computer, software, upgrades and insurance specified by the department. For more information call the department at 401 454-6160.


  • Microsoft Office
  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • SolidWorks
  • Rhino
  • Flash (required only for students in simulation studio)

Digital fabrication

Digital fabrication technologies in the Architecture + Design division include: laser cutting, CNC milling + lathing, rapid prototyping, vacuum forming and more.

Additional Facilities

  • two photography studios
  • gallery space