Workspaces and Tools

Interior Architecture's studios are linked to the RISD network through wireless and hard-wired connections. Students have access to:

  • a large-format printer/plotter in the department's dedicated studio area
  • a fully equipped wood shop/3D model-making facility in the CIT building.

The department is also part of a Shared Technologies Program within the Division of Architecture and Design, which includes

  • a CNC machine
  • laser cutter
  • rapid prototype machine

Interior Architecture is a Macintosh-based department, and it is the department's policy to ensure that all students are working with the same equipment and software. All undergraduate and graduate students are required to purchase a laptop as specified by the department (currently, the Mac BookPro; full details of equipment, charges and methods of payments are communicated to students before enrollment).

Applications currently in use in the department include:

  • VectorWorks
  • Autocad
  • Cinema-4D
  • Photoshop