Master’s Program

As the only US-based art and design school with an accredited Master of Landscape Architecture (MLA) degree program, RISD offers you an exceptional opportunity to study the discipline as part of a community of makers engaged in a wide range of media and critical practices. Students and faculty take a unique approach that bridges intuitive and analytical thinking, encourages hands-on research into material practices and explores opportunities for cross-disciplinary experimentation. Here you deeply engage in the practices of critical making, using a range of methods across artistic and design practices.

In responding to the social, cultural and ecological challenges of the 21st century, MLA candidates learn models for research and practice that reflect a commitment to humanity and the environment. Throughout the program, you explore how design can address landscapes affected by climate change, urbanization and environmental degradation as well as improve social equity and public access to open space and resources. Working closely with faculty, you acquire the design and critical thinking skills needed to address these complex issues with action-based solutions at the site and material scale.