Andrew Hlynsky

Critic FAV

Andrew Hlynsky is a Providence-based video artist, creative technologist and musician who develops software for responsive environments and interactive experiences. He has worked on projects for clients including Reebok, Biogen, Hard Rock Hotel, Bloomberg News, Adult Swim, Chanel and Verizon. As an artist, he has presented work at Burningman, Sonar Festival, Illuminus Boston, Worlds Fair Nano and Emerson’s Uncommon Project. Hlynsky has a passion for understanding how things are created. From musical compositions to neural-nets, economies to intelligence, he is always trying to discover, imagine and explain the world around him. His creative process involves solidifying theories and funneling his curiosity into tangible objects, compositions and software.

Fall 2022

  • FAV-5131-01 Digital Effects and Compositing For The Screen
  • FAV-8900-04 ISP Major

Spring 2023

  • FAV-5131-01 Digital Effects and Compositing For The Screen
  • FAV-8900-02 ISP Major
  • FAV-8965-01 Collaborative Study
  • NMSE-8965-02 Collaborative Study