Jack Madden

Jack Madden is an astrophysicist and artist working toward humanizing our understanding of the universe through research-based art. He uses programming, data visualization and 3D fabrication techniques to create installations and digital work at the intersection of art, science and philosophy.

After earning his PhD in astrophysics at Cornell University, he earned an MFA from RISD’s Digital + Media department. His online project, Complete Definitions, won the RISD Museum’s 2021 Dorner Prize and was on view on the museum’s website through June 2022. He currently serves as a faculty member in RISD’s Experimental and Foundation Studies division.

Fall 2022

DM-7100-01 DM Graduate Studio/seminar 1
FOUND-1003-08 Studio: Design

Wintersession 2023

CTC-1000-04 Introduction To Computation
head shot of Jack Madden
  • PhD, Cornell University