Sandy Gourlay

Alexander (Sandy) Gourlay went to Reed College to study physics but was waylaid by courses in paleography, drawing and English literature; he finished as an English major and wrote his senior thesis on Shakespeare. As a graduate student in English at the University of Iowa, he migrated from Renaissance studies to the works of the painter/printmaker/poet William Blake and his contexts in British literature and art.

Academic areas of interest

Gourlay is interested in William Blake and William Hogarth, British poetry and visual art 1400–1900, western paleography and calligraphy.

Fall 2021

LAS-E101-01 First-year Literature Seminar
LAS-E101-02 First-year Literature Seminar
LAS-E211-01 Medieval To Eighteenth-century British Literature

Wintersession 2022

LAEL-W033-01 Paleography: Western Handwritten Letterforms

Spring 2022

LAS-C221-01 Literary Art: Blake and Hogarth
LAS-E212-01 Romantic To Edwardian British Literature
THAD-C221-01 Literary Art: Blake and Hogarth