Yaminay Chaudhri


Yaminay Chaudhri (she/her) uses a range of media in her practice to unpack architectures of aspiration in contemporary South Asian cities. Her work moves across the personal and collective, house and city, linking expansive urban development and middle-class aspiration with the shrinking of the commons. 
A graduate of Cornell University and SUNY at Albany, Chaudhri has a background in architecture and combined-media visual art. The arc of her work has been focused on contentious urban space, incubating several experiments in collectivity and collaborative production, starting with the formation of Tentative Collective in Karachi (2011–17) and Karachi Beach Radio (2018–ongoing). She has exhibited her artwork at numerous art spaces, presented her writing at various international forums and served as an Art Dubai Writing Fellow. She has taught previous courses in the Interior Architecture department, including Shadow Archives and Life, Labor & Architecture.